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Connecting with our inner selves is one of the most important ways we can focus on our emotional well-being and open ourselves to healing. At Healing Hearts we believe client care should not be limited to just the treatment of the mind. We believe exploration and implementation of a “healthy balance” in life, the mind, body, emotions, and spirituality are essential in achieving overall wellness; identifying and realizing what we truly need plays a significant role in how we live our lives and grow as individuals. Whatever your struggles, we at Healing Hearts would like to help you overcome them.


We are unique in that we offer many different services and therapeutic interventions from Traditional Psychotherapy, to Christian Based Counseling to Supportive Psychotherapy and Reiki Energy Healing Therapy. We find that these techniques alone or combined can help you heal, connect with your inner selves and grow more effectively than traditional psychotherapy alone. We want your healing to be complete and we want you to feel that you are safe, welcomed, and cared about in a warm, peaceful, relaxed, and non judgmental setting.


Healing Heart’s approach to therapy is a strength based, goal oriented, global perspective as well as interactive. You are an active participant in your treatment and we work collaboratively with you on this therapeutic journey. We are whole-heartedly committed to the healing and growth of each and every individual we see. We offer individual counseling, marital and couples therapy, group therapy, and child and adolescent counseling. We also offer a variety of Holistic approaches to therapy including, but not limited to, Gemology, Aromatherapy, Reiki Therapy and Tarot readings.

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